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Simple pleasures

Above all else Stomennano is about tranquil relaxation. It is about savouring and getting back in touch with unhurried pleasures such as casual strolls through the vineyards, silent sunsets on the Tinaoine solarium sipping an aperitif, stints to the vegetable garden to pick up some peppers to roast on the barbeque for supper.

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History comes alive
A particularly unique facet of staying in Stomennano is the way in which it's rich historical heritage blends harmoniously with modern everyday life, something most apparent in the Villa but a theme that in an understated way can be felt throughout the rest of the borgo too. The day to day activities in Stomennano are naturally entwined with long-standing traditions and precious family heirlooms, allowing visitors to experience a history that comes alive in a genuine and unassuming way.
In the Chianti

Being in the heart of the Chianti, visitors to Stomennano can also tap into the many cultural and historical treats this region of Tuscany has to offer: Monteriggioni is within walking distance, Siena but a short 15 minute drive away, while San Gimignano and Florence can be reached by car in less than an hour. Conveniently located in proximity to Stomennano guests can also find historical Etruscan sites, stained glass workshops, health spas, an 18 hole golf course and designer factory outlets.

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