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Reserved and intimate

For couples seeking a small and intimate wedding ceremony in the traditional Tuscan style, we personally take care of organizational details such as flower arrangements, photographers and live music. Catering in left in the very able hands of a local chef that specializes in the preparation of Tuscan dishes sure to delight even the most refined palate.

Photos of Villa garden
Lively and extravagant

For larger and more elaborate weddings we work together with the bride and groom helping them tap into a network of catering specialists in Florence that make it possible to realize even the most extravagant wedding dream. These specialists have a proven track record of high quality and extremely creative work, and we are sure they will be able to provide outstanding solutions for any wedding idea you may have in mind.

Available dates

Weddings take place in the Villa; to check for available dates please consult the availability page

For more information regarding weddings in Stomennano, please contact Luisa at info@stomennano.it

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