Our family, the Grassi’s, is an old sienese family dating back to the Middle Ages.

Members of this family have for centuries been important representatives of the government, administration and army of the Sienese Republic – to this day the family coat of arms is still visible in Siena city hall – and we represent the last generation of a family that has lived permanently in this unique Tuscan borgo for over 250 years.


Often busy doing gardening and cutting roses from the hidden spots of the italian garden, you can easily step in the grace of my mother Nicoletta, the most enchanting granmother ever. She will be almost certainly happy to entertaine you with her tells from family and the interesting history of Stomennano. She is the real soul of this place, mainly escorted by her faithful gentle giant Ovidio, a black great dane of 9 years old.


In the late morning you may bump against the roar of the motor of one of my father Niccolo’s vintage racing car. His family owns the place since 1700 and he had the chance to live at Stomennano when he was a child and returned back after a life spent in Rome where myself and my brother borned. His favorite topic: golf, racing cars, motorbike! My brother Matteo takes care of the wine and olive oil production, you will be happy to find him working in the cellares and share a glass of wine.

I’m Luisa and I’ll be at your dispostion most of the time trying to make the things easy and smooth for you.

At Stomennano the term ‘personal touch’ is not an abstract catch phrase, but rather reflects a very tangible and genuine concern for the needs of our guests and a desire to get to know them personally. We have a real passion for people, and it is perhaps because of this that many visitors to Stomennano feel treated as guests of the family rather than tourists on holiday.